SMPTE2022-5, SMPTE2022-6, SMPTE2022-7, Sony NMI FPGA IP, TR-03 FPGA IP, Aspen FPGA IP


IBC 2016

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4K video over SMPTE2022-5/6/7 (FEC / packetization / hitelss diversity)
TR-03 video transport
NMOS discovery and registration
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Move live HD and 4K video on ip networks

Macnica Technology offers products that implement the industry defined standards for moving live, high-definition video over standard IP (Ethernet) networks. These standards were defined by the Society of Television and Motion Picture Engineers (SMPTE). Macnica supports all the relevant standards from SMPTE (SMPTE2022-5/6/7) as well as extensions (Sony IP Live, Sony NMI, TR-03, TR-04, RFC4175, AES67, SMPTE2110 and ASPEN).
SMPTE2022, TR-03, Sony NMI, Aspen PCIe

server add in cards

  • Fastest way to implement live broadcast video over IP
  • SW driver and API provided
  • Plug 'n play
  • Accepts SDI or IP video streams
  • Versions for 10G and 25G networks
  • Move video across LAN, carrier and metro betworks
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HD video over Ethernet, HDMI, Image scaling, compression, TICO

intellectual property

  • License Macnica's IP
  • Flexible terms available
  • Full verification and modelling environment provided
  • HW development platform
  • Products extensively inter-op tested
  • Used in production products today
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